Date: February 24-March 1, 2017

Actual Celebration Days: February 24-28, 2017

Place: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

We recommend 7-10 days because most hotels have a 7 day stay minimum requirement for the week


You have heard about what happens in Brazil and now it's time to experience what happens when you visit the most exotic location in the world. See why the beaches, the weather, the water and the women are legendary. The Brazilian Carnival is considered the world's most famous carnival and street party.

Experience the thrill of the biggest Carnival party in the world. Your eyes will pop, your heart will pound with excitement as you are surrounded by literally thousands of beautiful and sexy Brazilians from all over Brazil, some of which will be the most amazing you have ever seen!

Imagine the excitement and thrill of the Afro Brazilian Culture, where all your dreams and desires are fulfilled in this Magical land called Brazil during Carnival.